Let’s all take a minute to think of all of our fellow community members and what struggles they may
be experiencing day to day.  Substance Misuse  is very real and alive in our society and we need to unite. This disease has taken many of our children to soon leaving behind family and friends with big holes in their hearts.  Let’s join together and fight for the struggling and show support for the families left behind.  

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Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart - Resources Tab

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 This website is designed to provide useful and important information, as well as updates on current issues and trends related to drugs and alcohol. It is our desire that this website will serve as a resource for you. We cannot do it without your help! Please join us in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse in our  community. To volunteer to serve on one of our committees, please contact us today!



  • Addiction is Real2:43

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If you  or somebody you know would like to be part of our faces of addiction, please send an e-mail to patbronson@pelhamcoalition.com with a picture and a statement providing consent for us to post your picture on our website.

I Am Your Child, Your Friend, Your Mother, Your Father, Your Sister Or Brother. I Am The Girl Next Door, I Am The Busy Professional. I Am The Stay At Home Mom, I Am Everyone And Anyone, No One Is Immune. Drugs Know No Boundary. They Have No Income Requirements, No Personality Requirements, And No Care For Responsibility.

Information on this site is meant to provide the community awareness and some helpful resources. This site is in no way meant to provide professional education or opinions.  Please call 1-844-711-HELP for Professional assistance.